Federal and Postal Employees

Smith and Atkinson provides Civil Service Personnel with important financial information that will help you coordinate your plans for:

  • College Education
  • Retirement Income
  • Survivor Benefits, Widow & Children
  • To Combine or Not to Combine Military Retired Pay with Civil Service Pay
  • Survivor Benefits for Widow alone after retirement
  • Estate Planning

With insurance and various financial investments we can help you seek your financial goals.

1.     Both CSRS and FERS personnel should be aware of the projected cost of their FEGLI and Optional Insurance programs between now and the time they retire or turn age 65, if later.

We will provide you a projection of cost on both your FEGLI and any combination of the Alternative Insurance Options you have elected from your current age until age 65.

In addition, you will see the amount of reduction in each government insurance plan you have elected, beginning at age 65, until it has decreased to the minimum amount or is completely terminated.

2.     Most Civil Service Employees would like to know what amount of income they would receive upon retirement.

If you are a CSRS employee, we will project your retirement income as well as the amount and cost of the Civil Service Survivor Annuity Benefit your spouse can expect to receive after your death.

If you are a FERS employee, we will project all three components of your retirement; Thrift Savings Plan, Defined Benefit pension, and Social Security benefit at age 65.

3.     A significant part of the government retirement system that both CSRS & FERS personnel need to know is the amount of money accumulated in their Thrift Savings Plan, along with the amount of income this would generate for themselves and their spouses at retirement.

If you are under the FERS system, we can project your TSP accumulations, with a Cost of Living Allowance, from your current age until retirement.  In addition to your contributions, we also include matching contributions you would receive from the government.

If you are CSRS personnel, we will also project what funds you can expect to receive from your TSP at retirement in the form of both accumulations and a monthly income which will help supplement your CSRS retirement program.

4.     Another important consideration is adding active duty military time to your Civil Service retirement time to increase your retirement income.

Whether you are a CSRS or FERS employee, we will help you determine if it is better to buy back your military time and how this would impact on your retirement income at age 62.

If you are a CSRS employee, and also a military retiree, you may not have considered whether it would be wise to buy back your military time and combine both pays.  We can show you the difference in pays if you combined them versus taking them separately.  Not knowing the best alternative may cost you thousands of future retirement dollars.

5.     An additional issue that both CSRS & FERS employees should examine is the benefits available to their survivors if they were to die while employed as a civil servant.

We can provide you with an analysis of your current in-force benefits coupled with your current assets and liabilities to determine the amounts of income your survivors would receive.


Best of all... the analysis is free and there is no obligation.  With all the above information, you will be able to determine your current and future benefits from the government.  You will then be able to determine your needs for life insurance while employed, and during retirement. A Smith and Atkinson representative will also assist you in preparing for other financial goals such as college tuition or supplemental retirement planning.